What We Offer

With seasoned business veterans, Peak Marketing Partners provides market-based insights to carefully craft effective strategies and plans for both incremental growth and long-term brand growth. Peak Marketing Partners takes a data-driven approach to maximize shareholder value.

Part-Time Chief Marketing Officer

Get the insights that businesses need to make sure that they are executing well. Perhaps, the team needs more bandwidth or guidance from a leader to drive growth and deliver results, but budgets are limited or the team just needs direction. Perhaps, you’ve found your business in a situation where strategic plans aren’t manifesting financial results. Consider working with a part-time CMO to quickly assess the situation and make adjustments to maximize returns.

Strategy Planning

We provide high-level strategic planning for growth. Some businesses get stuck in their daily operations and find it difficult to develop a plan of how to get to the next level. Our process starts with an industry analysis, competitive assessment, product evaluation and comprehensive review of your internal activities to deliver a multi-year roadmap to growth.

Growth Expansion Planning

Expanding into new markets is never easy, it requires addressing new customers with new positioning and possibly new products. We’ll help you answer critical questions. What represents the best market opportunity for your company? How much will it add to the bottom-line and the enterprise value of your company? Which of the five primary growth strategies should you select? How will you execute upon the strategy? Do you have the right people, processes and technologies to make it successful?

Segmentation and Targeting

For businesses to grow from product-positioned companies into customer-positioned brands, proper research must go into customers from who they are to how they identify with brands. Development of proper segments of customers allows for the efficient use of marketing dollars to maximize returns and grow the bottom-line. Through a data-driven process, we’ll help not only to identify who is buying, but what is driving them to buy.

Optimization of Marketing Programs

Develop clear and actionable recommendations on key areas of the marketing mix to provide a better return on investment. We will work to evaluate trends in marketing investments to maximize every dollar. We can help drive analytics strategy, from simple regressions to time-series analysis to help businesses get an understanding of what’s driving results. Or, perhaps a better system of measuring and analyzing marketing investments is the next step. Let us help.

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